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Аларма с датчик за движение

Аларма с датчик за движение
Аларма с датчик за движение
Аларма с датчик за движение
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Аларма с датчик за движение

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Product Description
This Motion Sensor Alarm is perfect for protecting your property against unwelcome intruders.
It can be situated to cover the front door, back door, garage, shed, outbuildings etc. It is also suitable for use on caravans and motor homes.
It features a built in PIR motion sensor that will activate the alarm if any movement is detected.
It is simple to fit, there are no wires to connect, just put the required batteries in, fix to a suitable surface.
When the PIR sensor detects human movement the alarm will sound alerting you to a potential attack on your home or an intruder.
Color: white
Material: plastic
Chime: A \"ding-dong\" sound is produced to inform you that someone has approached
Instant: A loud alarm is produced immediately after detecting movement. The alarm will last for 30 seconds.
Delay: A soft \"beep-beep\" is produced for 12 seconds. You can switch off the alarm by entering the 4 digit security code during this period. If not switched off, the loud alarm will sound.
The Alarm System also has a Panic Button which allows you to manually sound the alarm if any unwanted visitors try to enter your premises. This can be vital for the elderly or those living alone.
Protects your valuables without the need of fussy wiring or power cables.
PIR detection range 5m
Requires 3 x AA batteries ( not supplied)
Approx dimensions: 10cm x 14cm
Press code (0000) Press the * button and the unit will beep once to confirm the code.
Enter new code (1-12 digits) Press * button and unit will beep once to confirm new code is now in place.
To arm/disarm the unit follow these steps: Press code in place Press #/ON/OFF button and a beep will be heard along with a light which will show for 10 seconds.
The unit is now armed. To disarm the unit enter the code followed by the #/on/off switch
Package Contents:
1 x Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm


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